love we all know that what it is and what we can do for for our love but it is hard to find true love in this time because everyone have different type of choices like caring , understanding , loving , smart , handsome and lots of more this is choices of girls and boys have some other choice for their love or we can say dream girl / boy . That’s why love films always hit more stars .
If i say love mantra ? you all know that by reading this word that it surely about the love or for getting it and many more . Don’t be so confused I tell you what it is for it is for love yes you are thinking right but it is for getting one side love because some people are little shy or they also have fear if he / she got angry with me . That’s why love mantra come in astrology or i can say in fashion in your language . Some times boy / girl think this is because of their bad luck , one most important thing about love is nothing like luck / bad luck comes in between the true love but sometimes you all act like a fool because you don’t see the love itself if it is just standing opposite to you .
Love mantra in hindi i used this name because in india love cases is more than any cases . One important thing about this name that sometime before i came to see a very complicated case of love in which the lover go mad because of not getting his love and his love is also one side and now he is all right and get his love also .
So , don’t waste time you just have to make a call of your love .
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